Justice Kicks Off New Album Era With Two Singles

Justice certainly knows how to get our attention. The French duo unveiled the name of its newest album last Friday. Titled Hyperdrama it is the latest piece of art to be brought into the world of French dance music. To celebrate such an important announcement, the duo decided to release two singles off the new album. One of them, titled ‘One Night/All Night’ has gathered considerable interest after announcing Tame Impala as the main collaborator on it.

It’s been 7 years since Justice last released music. The job done on Woman is most certainly some of the finest job by the French duo. Now, it seems like they’re both ready to begin the next chapter. Hyperdrama might very well be the most awaited album in all of dance music. With each step, a career as illustrious as the one of Justice would seem closer to the end. This, of course, makes every one of these releases as valuable as gold.

One Night-All Night/Generator Kick Off Hyperdrama Era

Tame Impala is one of the biggest artists in today’s alternative music culture. The group collaborated with some of the biggest figures in today’s scene, and their music is some of the most appreciated in this generation. Now, they’ve joined forces with one of the strongest acts in the history of dance music.

The result is a fantastic fusion that perfectly accentuates the influence and work of both artists. It is also a strong opening act for the latest chapter in Justice’s production history. If the rest of the album is half as good as this, we might end up seeing some of, if not the best job by the French duo in 2024.

As if that wasn’t enough, the duo decided to release not one, but two singles to kick off the Hyperdrama era. The second track, ‘Generator’ is as good as the first one, and features a stronger, rawer production than the Tame Impala collaboration.

House music proves itself eternal once again. It doesn’t go away, and it doesn’t age. This year, Justice returns to the dance floor, and we are more than ready for it.

Stream Justice’s new single featuring Tame Impala out now everywhere!

Justice X Tame Impala