Ken Bauer and Ozen Collaborate on Their Newest Track ‘Iron’

Described as upfront, tough, and uncompromising, Ken is one of Sweden’s fastest up-and-coming heavy-hitting musical exports, and his rise to date can only be described as a pretty meteoric one. Ken is no stranger to the dance music scene, as he is currently being considered for a Grammy nomination for his successful release ‘The Sirens Are Calling’, which has garnered him support from DJ’s like David Guetta, Axwell, Austin Kramer, Sam Feldt, Nicky Romero, and many more. His latest hit ‘Iron’ with Ozen is another distinguishable hit to add to the list of his ever-growing discography of dancefloor dominators.

Ken Bauer’s latest hit ‘Iron’ performs as an atmospheric banger with a strong and domineering vibe that glues your feet to the dancefloor and gets your body moving. Fast-paced cuts of that iconic EDM sound from Ken mix perfectly in harmony with the playful electronic melodies and spaced cuts of deep and groovy pads that tie this production together really well. You can hear the musical talents of both Ken and Ozen merging together to create ultimate dancefloor bliss with the bassy house elements that give this track an unmatchable edge that is bound to get fans from across the globe moving. Stick around and see what next year has in store for Ken Bauer fans worldwide.

In the past year of his career, the dance music industry has seen Ken put on a really strong performance. He is constantly proving to his global fanbase that he has what it takes to constantly push the barriers of his conventional sound, and always branch out with something that is fresh and exciting within the Future Rave ecosphere. His latest release with Ozen is another unmissable hit to add to the ever-growing list of releases under Ken’s belt and is being supported by the imprint ‘Future House Cloud’. Stick around and see what next year has in store for Ken Bauer fans worldwide. 

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