VAVO Drop Powerful Remix of Dance Music Classic ‘Calabria’

If you’re not yet acquainted with one of the industry’s hottest new duos to climb the ranks of the electronic music scene, then it’s definitely time that you should.

VAVO consists of two talents, including Vancouver native Jesse Fischer and London-born Alden Martin, who are separated by distance but certainly not by music, as they have continuously taken the scene by storm since they were first introduced to the industry. With a diverse and remarkable discography of hits already under their belt, their ability to stay ahead of the curve is proven once again with their brand-new edit of chart-topping hit ‘Calabria’ from DMNDS & Fallen Roses.

VAVO’s rendition of ‘Calabria’ features as a hard-hitting single spiced up with an ultimate kick and clap combo that add fuels to the fire between the deep and driving lows and wobbly highs that VAVO have incorporated into the hit. If you’re looking for that iconic bass house flow to liven up the dancefloor and get those speakers rocking, then you’re in for a treat for this one. VAVO truly show off their musical skills with this release as they conduct the track through several highs and lows yet keeping the infectious energy totally present throughout. This perfectly rounded remix of Calabria is starting to build up excitement around the duo, as they offer up unique and ground-breaking unheard sounds that deliver pure excellence.

Expect their remix of ‘Calabria’ to be supported by the imprint ‘Strange Fruits Music’, where the duo fit in amongstthe impressive roster and prestigious label tasked with bringing the best EDM music the scene has to offer to the table. With one of the biggest platforms on the scene at the moment, expect this release to pick up huge amounts of traction. VAVO have previously seen support from industry titans such as The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and Tiesto and are determined to earn their place amongst the greats. Check them out now!

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