Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary Part I

Rising Vietnamese producer Kiey is taking his ethereal, electro-pop sound to new heights and audiences with the release of his new EP, Sunday Sanctuary Part I. The impressive new body of work features 4 tracks, all of which show a different sides of the up-and-coming acts sound and style. Smoothly bouncing from a euphoric trance sound, into a hypnotic and fast-paced vibe thank is accompanied by Kiey’s soft and smooth vocals, this EP is a beautiful body of work. Tune into the project below now and read a quote from Kiey on the release!

Sunday Sanctuary at its core is about the serenity and happiness of spending time with loved ones on a Sunday. The lyrical content describes the feeling of exhaustion after a busy week of work and the joy of spending the whole of Sunday with someone: be it a lover or a family member doing various mundane activities (taking walks, shopping, drinking coffee etc). It’s also one of my personal favourites on the album!”