Kolter goes gangsta for his latest single “Radio Los Santos.”

Kolter goes gangsta for his latest single “Radio Los Santos.”

80%Overall Score

• Catchy tech house set up
• Playful sound design
• Featuring the original soundtrack

Yeah, we had fun with this one. Tongue-in-cheek edits/remixes are abundant, but rarely do they leave a solid impression. That is contrary to Kolter’s newest underground cut, which urged us to feature on the blog. “Radio Los Santos” is an entertaining homage and equally suitable for club speakers due to its funky nature throughout.

There have been other GTA San Andreas-themed EDM edits in the past, but just like the endless videos from the game that continue grabbing attention on YouTube, so do these tracks. A notable one that strikes close to today’s track is “Grove St.” from Fraser Whalen, although with the exception that it is wholly dedicated to the notorious G-Funk soundtrack.

Kolter, on the other hand, goes for a low-key yet robust method: using his specialty of creating house tunes (recommended listen: his edits of “Get Down Saturday Night” and “What U Want” remix with Chris Tussy), using gritty percussions, off-kilter samples, and thumping kick-drums. Of course, no tech house is complete without the low-end. Here the bassline remains uncomplicated, a sub-bassline flowing underneath. Other parts include the iconic lines from the game from the character Big Smoke and radio host of the in-game station “Radio Los Santos,” joined by pluck synths and other sounds to give a consistent theme. The bassline variates, ultimately mimicking the original soundtrack by the end to provide a nice flourish as the climactic outro.

Not missing the mark, Kolter furnished superb work on this tech house record. Already having gathered thousands of plays, it’s a testament to both the said game’s unwavering popularity and the German DJ’s nifty skills to produce.

You can listen to “Radio Los Santos” here: