Listening to “Rumble”: A solid Big Room track by Vasco Rafael & MiteX

Listening to "Rumble": A solid Big Room track by Vasco Rafael & MiteX

71%Overall Score

• Classic, energetic, and fun
• Suspense in the breakdown
• Missing that innovative spark

Today’s one of those days where I just want to press play on some energetic tunes and enjoy— possibly with an unexpected twist on it. Naturally, the choice has come to Big Room; one of my favorite genres, most of my reviews end up disapproving of the overused arrangements in those tracks. Still, there’s something in that which sets me in a good mood: the mood that like to write.

So, here I am typing about “Rumble”.

Engineered by Vasco Rafael and MiteX and released by DarkOrbit Records, “Rumble” is a Big Room banger through and through with supersaws, jabbing kicks with plenty of reverb and classic leads. What I liked here was the melody: frantic and melodic, without causing too much dispersion, and the right blend of briskness and thinking “outside the box”. “Rumble” dashes without wasting time, delivering its powerful schematics with clinical proficiency.

The breakdown makes room for an ethereal vocal loop that builds up a mystery (if you are not used to the genre, this could be quite effective), and the melody is left free to cause a ruckus. Overall, a polished result— with the right elements used at the right time. It just lacks that spark of creativity— call it “innovation”— and that’s a pity.

So, you know the deal. “Rumble” is a great Big Room record without surpassing expectations; a project that has been put together with quality and talent.

It’s at the quality I would expect from the bigwigs like KEVU, Sandro Silva, Jaxx & Vega). Speaking of that, I would like to see these names again, maybe at Rave Culture…

You can listen to “Rumble” here: