Lost Prince Returns with Melodic Techno Single ‘Honest’

Lost Prince, the mysterious music maker, is making a big return in the dance music world with his fresh creation, ‘Honest (ft. Undrwvter).’ It’s an exciting example of his evolving music style. After revamping ILLENIUM’s ‘Starfall’ in September, this is his first major release since 2021. ‘Honest’ is the first song from his upcoming EP ‘Exile,’ where Lost Prince is trying out different types of music like melodic techno and house.

The song starts strong with a catchy drumbeat and cool synth sounds that grab your attention right away. It has a classic house music vibe that makes you want to move your feet. The pace of the song changes a bit, creating a more relaxed and progressive feeling. Then, a dreamy synth sound fills the music, making you want to close your eyes and get lost in the sounds. In summary, ‘Honest’ is made for both dancing and just listening, and it shows how powerful music can be. The melody in this song goes from making you want to dance to creating a dreamy atmosphere.