Charlotte de Witte Brings Out New EP, ‘Power Of Thought’

Charlotte de Witte, one of the world’s best techno artists, have introduced a new EP, Power Of Thought, for all techno fans to enjoy this weekend. The Belgian DJ/producer, who won back-to-back International Dance Music Awards ‘Best Techno Artist” awards in 2019 and 2020 and the DJ Awards ‘Best Techno Artist’ Award in 2019, released Power Of Thought on the label that she founded, KNTXT. The EP has three tracks; the ‘Power Of Thought’ title track itself, ‘Pria’, and ‘Abada’. All three tracks have the power to bring that upbeat kick to anyone’s weekends while bringing harmonic delight at the same time. The release of this EP comes a month after Charlotte de Witte released the remix package of High Street.

*Featured Cover image Courtesy: Charlotte de Witte / KNTXT

The Power Of Thought EP provides tranquility and energy into a perfect equilibrium

This EP is perfect for all kinds of moods and environments, whether if someone is grooving at a pool party or just chilling in their bedroom on a peaceful Friday night at home. The title track, ‘Power Of Thought’, has hypnotic, rhythmic beats that coexist well with a mantra that emphasized on mindfulness and bliss in the world around oneself. Additionally, ‘Pria’ provides mantra-like vocals that blends in sync with energetic synth rhythms that flowed perfectly throughout the track. Meanwhile, ‘Abada’ incorporated a mysterious yet tranquil melody that moved along with exhilarating chanting vocals that provided an uplifting ending for a beautiful EP. Click ‘Play’ below to start listening to amazing Power Of Thought EP.