U.S. hit-maker Lotus and German breakthrough DJ/Producer Charming Horses have revamped one of hip hop’s most recognized classic tunes into a warm dance cover. ‘In Da Club’ was originally released in the early zeroes by 50 Cent, and never really lost its impact throughout the years. In this brand new version, it’s bound to raise party vibes all over again, empowering the vocal lines with sultry house beats and strong piano chords. Out now on Spinnin’ Records.

So, here are two artists with a versatile background, with the talent to bring a timeless song back to life. ‘In Da Club’ is the perfect example; 50 Cent’s vocals are delivered here by a female singer, while the beats have transformed into a tasty deep house groove. The melody is enhanced by warm piano chords, given extra energy with upwinding drum fills and sweet backing vocals in the chorus.

It’s the excitement of the 2003 original, taken to a nowadays club (figuratively speaking, sadly) with high energy dance vibes. Let it be an omen for later this year when we’ll hopefully all be dancing together again, right back ‘In Da Club’.