Lovin’ this trend! A rare pick for us, this track’s viral for a reason

Lovin’ this trend! A rare pick for us, this track’s viral for a reason

81%Overall Score

• Creative sampling
• House bassline with a trap groove
• Bold and feisty rap vocals

Most have already come across this tune while swiping through socials: Jack Harlow’s “Lovin On Me” has turned into a trend of its own, currently sitting tight on several charts including Billboard’s top 10. But wait, you ask— this is not even close to what we usually cover. No, it’s not, but there’s more to this: the song is inspired by electronic music with its composition, although thoroughly RnB and Hip-Hop— two genres that have dominant footholds in the foundation of electronic music.

That said, here’s our assessment.

Released at the tail end of last year, “Lovin On Me” has turned into another breaking record for Jack Harlow, who has lately turned into a phenom in modern RnB and pop culture. His previous albums— especially “Come Home The Kids Miss You”— have skyrocketed his reputation in the industry (not to sideline his quirky, crowd-winning positive disposition).

Here’s the deal with this one: it’s a case of inventive sampling, taking an extract from the previous lesser-known release “Whatever (Bass Soliloquy)” by RnB singer Cadillac Dale. On the production front, producer Sean Momberger teamed up with OZ and Nik D for the instrumental, who combined a classy 90s house bassline to a trap beat with twangy 808 drums; Jack Harlow’s flirtatious and laidback rap performance takes the spotlight all the way, harmonizing with the original sample around the main chorus. Functioning with this old-school groove, the bodacious vocals and minimal yet funky sound-selection do wonders for this short and slick RnB number.

Already having stacked up hundreds of millions and staggering virality, “Lovin On Me” is an exciting cocktail of RnB and dance music— a valid reason as to why many have got addicted to it.

You can listen to “Lovin On Me” here: