Pioneer DJ Owners Announces AlphaTheta Brand of Products

AlphaTheta Corporation, the parent company of Pioneer DJ, has unveiled its latest venture – the AlphaTheta brand of music products, set to make its debut this week. Operating side-by-side with Pioneer DJ, AlphaTheta will introduce a range of cutting-edge music products, commencing with the launch of some exciting new offerings.

This development comes on the heels of Pioneer DJ‘s name change to AlphaTheta Corporation in 2020, a strategic move aimed at better aligning with the company’s values and vision. The name “AlphaTheta” is derived from brain wave frequencies associated with optimal performance, reflecting the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

AlphaTheta envisions leveraging innovative sound and music creation technologies to enhance and enable peak moments induced by music. The timing of this launch is especially significant as it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking DJ Player, the CDJ-500, introduced in 1994, which paved the way for a series of groundbreaking products over the years.

In a statement, the company expressed

“We’re introducing new products with the AlphaTheta brand as a natural evolution of the company and the brand. We’ve created a brand that will propel us into the future, maintaining the quality and innovation that you’ve come to expect from us.”

Acknowledging the invaluable contributions of its global community of DJs, artists, and creators, AlphaTheta emphasized its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of the playful spirit of DJing and music production. The company looks forward to growing alongside the passionate community connected by their love for music and its culture.

As AlphaTheta Corporation continues to manage a diverse portfolio, including Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, TORAIZ, Pioneer PRO AUDIO, and KUVO, the addition of the AlphaTheta brand reinforces its dedication to manufacturing state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ products. The launch marks a significant step forward, embracing a future filled with innovation and quality, while staying true to the brand’s roots.