Luen drops ‘Strange Purpose’ EP on famous Sydney imprint

Aussie music entrepreneur Luen continues her adventure into the land of techno with the release of an EP on famous Sydney imprint Motorik Records, titled the ‘Strange Purpose’ EP.

She is no outsider to the music scene having worn many hats including DJ, producer, writer, radio host, artist, teacher, feminist and horticulturalist.

The title track Strange Purpose is low-slung and rubbery electro. The song squelches with choral ringing pads and panning vocals that ring emit all kinds of cool vibration. The weirdness in the tone of the song is met with an equally funky music video, incorporating nature and some pretty sweet dance moves that act as an unofficial guide to getting down to this track.

Take a listen to the full EP that includes another original and remixes from Nicola Cruz and Philou Louzolo.