Madlib & Four Tet release an album years in the making

We’ve been tapping our feet at our desk, waiting in anticipation for Four Tet’s collaborative project with Madlib to come out. After some teasing, the album is finally here to enjoy.

Although Four Tet’s name doesn’t appear on the front facing side of the release, he is credited for arranging all Madlib’s ideas in the ‘Sound Ancestors’ album. This involved Madlib sending him hundreds of samples, loops and tracks over a few years.

For those coming in and expecting Four Tet, you’ll be in for a surprise. You can definitely feel his influence on the music, but the reason for Madlib’s solo name on the album is clear as you listen top to tail. If you are short on time, our pick of the bunch has to be ‘Loose Goose’.

The album comes a little over a month after Four Tet’s christmas released Parallel album, that you can find more about here!