MAKJ – Burning Rave

MAKJ - Burning Rave

80%Overall Score

MAKJ debuts on Confession
• Techno with captivating drops
• Decent vocals

After a few interesting releases such as “Beautiful Life” (with PURARI) and the Future Rave venture “One Night” on Tomorrowland Music, the American creative MAKJ has entered another genre… Jumping on the Mau P bandwagon as his “Burning Rave” has a familiar Techno flavoring.

Still, this has scored an 80 because his interesting debut on Confession (Tchami’s label), with exceptional drops, an entertaining bassline, decent vocals, and that professional touch that told me of these well-done decisions. The journey starts with a meticulously built one-minute-long escalation, gradually increasing the hype and setting the stage for the impending Techno drop. As the bassline kicks in with its frenetic energy and distortions come into play, a hypnotic ambiance takes hold. The vocal didn’t make a considerable impression (generic stuff about raves, overused). However, it is the second build-up and the subsequent drop where “Burning Rave” truly shines. Here the Techno bassline fuses seamlessly with the roaring lead, invoking a sequence that exudes tons of excitement!

In its entirety, this release is an admirable achievement for MAKJ. While some may have expected a more daring and innovative creation, the final result is undeniably good. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident throughout, proving MAKJ’s ability to navigate the Techno landscape with finesse. While eagerly waiting for releases from MAKJ, “Burning Rave” validates his ability to deliver and captivate audiences!

You can listen to “Burning Rave” here: