Malcolm Parson – Letters From Home

A soft, somber slice of neoclassical bliss from the New Orleans composer

Based in New Orleans and known for composing gloriously organic, atmospheric neoclassical gems, Malcolm Parson has just dropped his stunning new album Letters From Home. It’s a collection of tracks that evokes cathartic emotions in the listener – perfect for the Sunday comedown. The record comprises stunning piano-based compositions full of delicate nuances such as “Fleeting Thoughts,” as well as dreamy ambient-tinged compositions such as “The Morning After.”

In addition to his solo work, Malcolm is also a member of the Turtle Island Quartet and the Grammy-winning group Carolina Chocolate Drops. He moved to Atlanta aged 11 and began studying cello through the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra after being selected for their “Talent Development Program.“ He has gone from strength to strength ever since, and Letters From Home is one of his most powerful showcases to date.

“I created this project with the intention of reconnecting with my childlike spirit,” Malcolm shared. “The idea of spontaneous inventions where the process was more important than the end result. To fall back in love with the act of creating.”

You can give Malcolm Parson’s Letters From Home a spin below: