Squachek Introduces New Remix Pack Of Hit ‘No No Square’

Squachek brings back ‘No No Square’ to the public domain and dance floors everywhere. Following his stunning rise in popularity garnering more than 55 million views on TikTok, ‘No No Square’ became an instant viral hit reaching a whole new audience. Squachek is known for his upbeat, fun energetic house sound and catchy hooks, his music has been backed by some of the biggest names in the dance music world including Joachim Garraud, DJ BL3ND, Don Diablo, Eva Shaw, Bad Boy Bill, Sergio Matina, Dani Deahl, DJ Brisk and ‘The Godfather of House’, Chip E.  

Now, he introduces a remix pack of his hit ‘No No Square’ featuring a talented list of artists. Joining Squachek in this compilation with their own remixes are: Tuna Melt, Chip E., Faulty Machine Recordings Service, Catman John and a feature vocal performance by Luke Morgan on Squachek’s ‘Boot Scootin’ Redo’. Twangy banjos, electrifying guitars with Morgan’s vocals at the center, make it for a great electronic music/country combo. Luke Morgan is a talented country musician whose career has seen a steady growth, playing standing room only gigs all over the United States and booking shows for the whole summer of 2022. 

Also featured in the release are Tuna Melt. The DJ duo composed by Matt Brown (Space Race) and Joseph Goodman (Gainchanger) have introduced their signature sound, melding the best of their both sonic worlds, ending up with a mainstage flavor. From Chip E.’s remix, listeners can expect his characteristic groove that earned him the nickname ‘Godfather of House’.  

Lastly, Faulty Machine Recordings and Catman John produced their own take on the track. Faulty Machine Recordings is the artistic name of Myke Dodge Weiskopf, is an award-winning radio producer, field recordist, and songwriter/musician based in Los Angeles. He also brought his trademark experimental sound on this compilation. Catman John carried Dubstep into the party, introducing heavy-hitting basslines and synths. This remix pack certainly has something for every taste. 

Be sure to follow Squachek’s and all the featured artists in the ‘No No Square’ remix pack latest news and releases, as this release will undeniably gather lots of attention worldwide. 

‘No No Square Remixes’ is out now and available in online stores and major streaming platforms. 

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