Malix is set to have a MONSTER 2023 With Latest Drop, “Hey Playa.”

The Hong Kong-based artist, Malix is a fresh voice in hip hop and R&B. With snappy vocals that are catchy as well as her rhymes which have clever wordplay to offer an original twist on aggressive gangster rap with upbeat tunes made for those who love devastatingly hypnotic beats or heavy bass sounds while so, nothing listeners themelodic songs perfectly aligned intense lyricism weaves throughout trap synth drums making it all worth listening to!

Her rap is aggressive and empowering, like the fiery energy of trap and gangsta rap. Her stage name comes from that concept – it's a twist on “matrix,” which she alludes to in lyrics like I’m such a contradiction, caused the matrix to glitch.' She listens closely to artists such as Eminem (and others) who inspired her own desire for music making; finding yourself through experimentation has been Malix’s journey so far but there are still many more corners left untapped!

The emerging artist has invested a lot of time and energy in her craft. She's discovered that it ispatience, but the results it worth all those long hours spent working on technical aspects like mixing or rapping! Her high standards keep pushing Malix to new heights where she can consistently improve creatively and aesthetically with every step taken toward the relentless pursuit of hip-hop perfection.

Her latest single, dropped just a few days ago, “Hey Playa,” is a haunting ballad about love and loss, with piano shining in the background to provide an elegant soundscape for her smooth vocals.


“I want to see more Asian representation in the entertainment industry,” said Malix. “And I hope that my presence inspires confidence in others.”