Phil Crown is back with another banger, “Broken Wings”

With a natural sense of hustle and passion for music, Phil Crown is set to be one of the industry's most impressive names by 2023 when he tops what has been an incredible past few years.

When you think of Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind is probably rain. But for those who grew up there as well and had a chance at being just like Phil Crown-a kid with an outside seat under his favorite awning listening intently into life's big questions while watching friends grow old around him one by one – this city became more than what meets The Eye; it inspired so strong it’simpossible not to become ambitious if given enough time or opportunity!

The Seattle-born artist released his debut single,”PICK UP THE PHONE,” in 2017 and quickly became popular with listeners around his home state and other parts of America, where it steadily rose to the charts. He had the help of producer Krunkadelic (Nas, Nelly Furtado, Sean Paul), and it was an upbeat track that perfectly fits Phil’s smoother vocals.

His latest single, “BROKEN WINGS,” is an essential milestone for Phil Crown as he continues to grow in the industry. He combines his R&B roots with synths from electro-pop, creating a unique sound that sets him apart from other artists today and carving out a room of his own where nobody has gone before!

The hottest name in the entire electro-pop scene, Phil Crown, is coming to your city soon. His performances will have you on edge, and his new music is better than ever!