Mark Sixma & Rave Republic – Welcome To The Rave

Mark Sixma & Rave Republic - Welcome To The Rave

91%Overall Score

Mark Sixma + Rave Republic = Dynamite
• Psy-Trance gets together with Big Room
• Brutal transitions making it livelier

After my cynical take on Rave Republic‘s synergy with Timmy Trumpet’s “Ole Ole“, it was high time for redemption. And it couldn’t have been more clearer that the duo is back on track! Along with the eminent Mark Sixma, who delivered his dose of technical mastery in what I consider a proper work of art, “Welcome To The Rave”.

Released on Timmy Trumpet’s Sinphony, the track readily takes up the hard task of holding onto its vitality for the entire duration, striking with not two, but three imposing drops that exhibit a tremendous bassline. The transitions are brutal, and the first sequence shows no mercy: like a live wire, the mix of Psy-Trance basses and dirty leads initiate their performance even before the 30 seconds mark! Then I suspected some touches from the “Sinfonia” creator in the long peak towards the second drop, featuring a trancey drop. Another dominating feature is the robotic voice looping the title repeatedly, which didn’t particularly convince me yet didn’t turn out annoying either. It’s not an uncommon detail in recent Big Room records.

The 90+ isn’t just because of the novelty of the drop. The real magic lies in the breakdown and the finale, where an aggravated Big Room leads gets introduced and speeds things up into a colossal explosion. It’s that volatile combo of Bounce and Big Room that gets me going, heard on releases such as “Brakes On” (with BONKA).

As much as I am upset about the debacle that was “Ole Ole”, “Welcome To The Rave” is paving the road for the Rave Republic to become one of my favorite duos from this year. Their technique, especially when in contact with another adept producer such as Mark Sixma, can devise masterpieces. This is perhaps one of the most dynamic tunes that I had the pleasure of listening to in months!

You can listen to “Welcome To The Rave” here:

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