Marco Carola Brings Back ‘Music On’ Event to Cocoricò

Featured Cover Photo Credit: Cocoricò

Cocoricò is a legendary dance nightclub in the comune of Riccione, located in the northern Italian province of Rimini, and it will host the return of Italian dance music star Marco Carola. The producer is also the head of his own label, Music On, and for the first time in 11 years, he will host his famous ‘Music On’ event on Friday, June 1. The setting of Cocoricò is perfect for the return of a great artist such as Marco Carola, who has made a reputation as someone who has provided phenomenal set experiences around the world.

The ‘Music On’ event will have four unique sets that will electrify fans from sunset to sunrise: Horizon, Piramide, Titilla, T-Room. Below this paragraph are some details of the upcoming June 1st event that will enlighten the skies of the Emilia-Romagna region. Also, click on this link to purchase tickets for the event as well.

Cocoricò will host a memorable evening of fantastic music coming out of ‘Music On’

The Horizon stage of Cocoricò is the only stage at the event where the music will mainly play in the daytime. Starting from 7 p.m. local time to midnight, it will headline a B2B set between Carola himself and ANOTR, Franky Rizardo, and Ale de Tuglie. The other three stages start from midnight until closing. T-Room will host Mahony, Jean Pierre, and Frank Storm. Titilla will host Manda Moor, Da Vid, and Calvin Clarke.

Finally, the main stage of the night, Piramide, will host another Carola B2B set, but with Jamie Jones. The other headliners of the Piramide stage are Chelina Manuhutu and another B2B set of Leon and Joey Daniel. June 1, 2024 will for sure be a date that many attendees, in particular fans of Marco Carola’s music, will remember as they dance the night away while enjoying the atmosphere of Riccione.

Cocoricò Music On Event
Image Courtesy: Cocoricò