Mark Roma – The Return

• 90s Trance & Future Rave
• Old-school intro, futuristic drop afterward
• Simple structure brimming with energy

It’s hard to describe exactly what’s catching my attention in such a hypnotic way in “The Return”; the newest and magnetic release by Mark Roma hit the jackpot with a splendid and proficient sound design! The tune features a captivating melody and an initial schematic that immediately made me reminisce of “Insomnia”, the pizzicato lead that ruled the late 90s trance scene.

The UK producer, supported by heavyweights the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren lately, had a great idea: reworking the 90s trance and rave vibe, with a twist that is immediately noticeable right from the buildup sequence.

There, the old-school lead transitions into a Future Rave experiment, adding vitality to “The Return” and escalating things to a point of no return. The drop is an explosion of low-end, emphasizing the FR sound with a rather simpler blueprint, without frills. Some may find the approach too simple; personally, I believe that the best course of action here was to keep things straightforward with lesser complications. Since the concept is already fascinating per se, it’s wise to stick to the fundamentals and not deviate away from minimality.

Thus, this being said, we here have a carefully crafted tune that entertains and revives a bit of vintage style throttled by modern festival sound, which I find quite underrated. “The Return” packs the punch, certainly!

You can listen to “The Return” here:

Mark Roma · Mark Roma – The Return