Martial Simon Unveils New Upbeat Track ‘This Is Your Night’

Martial Simon has given us some nostalgia with his latest tune. ‘This Is Your Night’ will take you back to 2000s dance music but with a modern twist.

Martial has brought a visionary driving force behind a genre he dubs ‘Nu-Freestyle’ – a fusion inspired by electro-pop and dance. The track wraps listeners in a lush blend of rhythmic basslines, entrancing synthesizers, and a mesmerizingly velvety vocal delivery. This one is perfect for any radio station.

Martial Simon exemplifies Nu-Freestyle in a manner that breathes new life into classic electronic music. It encapsulates a sense of nostalgia while seamlessly weaving in innovative, trailblazing elements.

This year has proven to be a turning point for Simon, marked by remarkable achievements. Beyond crafting original compositions, he has explored reinterpretations and covers. Each release resonates with a synergy that embodies the core of his musical vision – vibrant, optimistic, and genuine.

Simon’s musical journey in 2023 has undeniably been one of triumph, garnering over a million streams already. Yet, his story isn’t solely defined by his distinctive sound. Martial has tapped into a pulse, rhythm, and frequency that reverberate with listeners worldwide.

Make sure to check out ‘This Is Your Night’ below!