Massano Makes His Debut on Upperground With The ‘Shapeshifter’ EP

Soon after his electrifying performance at The Brooklyn Mirage, Massano put out his EP Shapeshifter on Upperground. His latest was released on August 18 2023. The EP consists of two tracks – ‘Breathe’ and ‘Shapeshifter.’ The EP does complete justice to the artist’s Melodic Techno sound. The unique combination of aggressive sound design, hypnotic grooves and dynamic production makes this EP a must listen!

Taking to his Instagram the artist said:

So happy to announce the release of my Shapeshifter EP on @upperground.label
Been loving testing these ones over the past 12 months and this feels like the perfect home for them!


Massano’s swift ascent within the realm of melodic techno is rapidly gaining momentum. Emerging from the outskirts of the vibrant electronic music scene in Liverpool, Massano made a striking entrance onto the stage with his initial releases ‘Velocità’ and ‘The Feeling’ on Running Clouds. These releases garnered significant endorsement from various influential figures in the industry. Building on the triumph and critical recognition of ‘The Feeling,’ Massano has garnered widespread recognition as an artist poised for immense fame. He has swiftly positioned himself as an influential figure, receiving acknowledgments from prominent names such as Pete Tong and BBC Radio 1. Additionally, his talents have attracted the attention of Tomorrowland, leading to the inclusion of his mixes on their shows.

Listen to Massano’s Shapeshifter EP here!