Paul van Dyk Unveils Groundbreaking Single ‘Fragmentation’ in Dynamic Collaboration with Sean & Dee 

With a fresh run of VENTURE X live event dates kicking off this weekend in Washington, DC, and Chicago, the timing is perfect for world-renowned electronic music pioneer Paul van Dyk to unveil his brand new single “Fragmentation” under the prestigious VANDIT Alternative label, a platform celebrated for its commitment to promoting innovative and cutting-edge electronic music. 

Produced in collaboration with rising Italian talents Sean & Dee, “Fragmentation” explores the darker and harder edge of progressive house and melodic techno while retaining much finesse and able storytelling. The non-stop percussive pulse is accompanied throughout by synth patterns that radiate raw, emotional energy. The release is a testament to the ever-evolving creativity of the artists, pushing the envelope with their distinctive soundscapes. The collaboration between Paul van Dyk and Sean & Dee extends beyond the studio, as the duo is set to perform alongside Paul van Dyk at SHINE Ibiza on September 14th, promising an unforgettable night of music and connection.

VENTURE X is an exciting concept where the master DJ and curator sources from a wide range of electronic music genres and brings it all together during one incredible evening. Van Dyk famously feeds off his fans, focusing on the improvisational art of the craft and sequencing sounds on the fly. Familiar sounds are presented in an entirely new context, focusing on embracing the unexpected. It’s that moment when you hear a snippet of a song you love but find your jaw dropping in awe over the direction and journey van Dyk takes you on. It’s unpredictable…it’s unmissable…it’s VENTURE X, defined by Paul van Dyk.   

In addition to this weekend’s shows in Washington, DC, and Chicago, upcoming VENTURE X events are set for Würzburg, London, Belfast, Amsterdam, and Berlin through the fall. Check out the complete tour schedule below to see when Paul van Dyk will appear in a city near you. Tickets are available here.   

Paul van Dyk 

Tour Dates 

August 18Soundcheckdc – Washington, DC*

August 19 Sound-Bar Chicago, IL*

August 26 – Mysteryland – Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

August 31 – SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden – Ibiza, Spain

September 2 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Promzona

September 7 – SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden – Ibiza, Spain

September 9 – Posthalle – Würzburg, Germany*

September 14 – SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden – Ibiza, Spain

September 16 – Glücksgefühle Festival – Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany

September 21 – SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden – Ibiza, Spain

September 28 – SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden – Ibiza, Spain

October 3 – EDC China 2023 – Unknown Venue, Zhuhai, China

October 6 – At London Here At Outernet – London, UK*

October 7 – Trancefest 2023 – Swg3, Glasgow, UK

October 14 – Telegraph Belfast, IRE*

October 21 – Melkweg Rabozaal – Amsterdam, Netherlands*

October 28 – Transmission Poland 2023 – Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland

November 4 – Ritvales Festival – Parque Norte, Medellín, Colombia

November 10 – Dallas, TX, Us – Stereo Live Dallas

November 10 – Houston, TX, Us – Stereo Live Houston

November 12 – EDC Orlando 2023 – Tinker Field, Orlando, Fl

November 17 – Dreamstate Festival 2023 – Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

December 15 – Kesselhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei – Berlin, Germany* 

December 16 – Kulturbrauerei – Berlin, Germany 

December 15 – Berlin, Germany – Kesselhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei

December 16 – Berlin, Germany – Kulturbrauerei

*denotes VENTURE X show