Massive Cellphone Outage Affected The US Early Thursday

A Large Communications Tower on a Blue Sky

A major cellphone outage hit the US earlier this morning. AT&T reported over 32,000 issues, making it the largest number of problems out of all cell services. T-Mobile and Verizon reported service outages that were later justified as errors from its platform.

Outage from Expansions

AT&T released a statement explaining that the new system was overwhelmed by the execution of the expansion. As a result, it took about 13 hours for the carrier to fix the issue within the platform. They also debunked any possible cyberattacks. Cities affected include New York, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, and San Francisco.

The company claims to be consistently working to ensure that the outage is monitored. Moreover, they will continue to provide great costumer service. Other small carriers experienced issues throughout the day, including Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, and Cricket Wireless.

The problem extended as far as affecting police stations. The country issued that people might’ve been unable to make emergency calls. Furthermore, the Federal Communications Commission, the Cybersecurity and the Infrastructure Security Agency, and the FBI were all working closely with AT&T while investigating the cause of the outages. (Source)