Pongo Unleashes Captivating ‘Believe’ EP on ARTBAT’s UPPERGROUND

Pongo, the electronic music project and dynamic live act by brothers Giovanni and Daniele Bruni just released their latest EP, ‘B’ on ARTBAT‘s influential UPPERGROUND imprint. 

The journey of Pongo took hold with their single ‘Lose My Mind,’ which was remixed by ARTBAT in 2018, becoming a resounding success, laying the foundation for Pongo’s trajectory in the electronic music landscape. 

Now six years later, the Italian duo’s journey continues with the release of their Believe EP on ARTBAT’s UPPPERGROUND imprint, which showcases Pongo’s unique fusion of electro, soul, and techno, pushing the boundaries within the electronic music scene.

The lead track, ‘Rotowash,’ is a powerful and hypnotic journey driven by captivating synths that transport listeners to another dimension. The energetic pulse of ‘Rotowash’ invites audiences to drift into a transcendent sonic experience.

The title track of the EP ‘Believe’ is dark, evolving, and passionate. ‘Believe’ captivates with its hypnotic groove and avant-garde elements. The vocal ‘We Believe In The Future’ adds a profound layer to the track, making it the perfect sonic landscape for losing oneself on the dancefloor and releasing boundless energy.

Pongo’s ‘Believe EP’ on UPPERGROUND delivers a sonic experience that resonates with the dancefloor as Pongo continues its impressive rise within the electronic music scene. Listen to Pongo – Believe EP.