Matoma’s Club Sound Reappears with New ‘Love For the Beat’ Album

Following the release of the lead single, ‘SodiumSky’, Norwegian cross-genre record producer and DJ Matoma, known for global hits like ‘All Night’ with The Vamps, ‘I Don’t Dance’ with Enrique Iglesias, and his RIAA Platinum-certified breakout hit, Matoma & The Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Old Thing Back (feat. Ja Rule)’, has released his highly anticipated album, Love For The Beat. The album, which represents a return to Matoma’s club roots, is led by new single ‘Break My Own Heart’ featuring HARLEE.

“This album represents a nostalgic feeling of my childhood. I grew up listening to house music and finding elements in trance and techno very fulfilling. I wanted to blend those beats with my love for today’s sounds and music directions.

Back To His Club Roots

“ This album is also my first album as an independent artist and I’m really proud of my team and the people that have worked on this project day and night to make it happen.” – Matoma

This is Matoma’s first album in five years since the release of his 2018 acclaimed debut, ‘One in a Million’. It has garnered over 2 billion streams worldwide. Love For The Beat represents a return to his club-inspired roots. The project’s lead single, ‘Sodium Sky’ featuring multi-platinum writer BullySongs sets the tone for the album with its upbeat rhythm coupled with gentle vocals arranged to lift and inspire.

Song By Song

The hypnotic track immerses listeners into the world of the project where they can feel Matoma’s endearingly positive energy. ‘Easy To Love’ with dance music icon Armin van Buuren and Teddy Swims is an infectious dance-pop track that takes the listener on a captivating journey with its atmospheric production and promising message. ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ continues the album’s euphoric journey with its contagious, optimistic energy and stunning vocals from Sadie Rose Van that tells the story of the music. 

Break My Own Heart’ demands your immediate attention with Matoma’s signature production aesthetic. HARLEE’s lush vocals come together to radiate care-free feelings of hope and ease. ‘Sound of Shadows’ is an infectious and vibrant composition that enthralls listeners with its dynamic beat and alluring rhythm. Besides, it creates a change of pace from other tracks on the offering. ‘Bittersweet’ is one of the calmer  tracks of the project, but it still enchants listeners with its delicate production and wistful lyrics.

Rreleased in late 2022, ‘The Power’ was the first single Matoma released from the album. It began his journey back to his club-inspired roots. With euphoric vocals and driving beat, it followed the associated North America Fall Tour with Zedd and The Chainsmokers. ‘Won’t Follow You Home’ is the perfect closer with James Droll’s catchy lyrics.The track meshes perfectly with the energetic yet relaxing vibes Matoma creates. And finally, it leaves listeners glad they experienced this journey. 

Production Prowess

Matoma flexes his production prowess to bring fans some of the most danceable and joyful tracks in recent memory. Each of the artists Matoma collaborated with on the project seamlessly brings their own unique energy to their tunes. And thus, bring his listeners on a euphoric and otherworldly ride.

Love For The Beat Tracklist

1. Sodium Sky w/ BullySongs

2. Easy To Love w/ Armin van Buuren (feat. Teddy Swims)

3. Don’t Give Up On Me w/ Sadie Rose Van

4. Break My Own Heart w/ HARLEE

5. Work It Out w/ Bava

6. Sound of Shadows w/ JP Cooper

7. Bittersweet

8. Deeper w/ H. Kenneth

9. The Power

10. Won’t Follow You Home w/ James Droll