Mau P – Gimme That Bounce

Mau P - Gimme That Bounce

75%Overall Score

• Second release for MW’s new alias
• Buoyant bassline, given as expected
• Energetic and hard-hitting Tech House

Mau P had the most successful launch in 2022, with the debut project racking up over 100 million streams with the virulent “Drugs From Amsterdam“. It is still hard to believe that a Tech House song managed to seize the charts and trend with a structure that didn’t convince me a lot, yet it makes me glad for Maurice, who had adeptly maneuvered out of Big Room after many hits in the genre, in association with Mainstage Music/Rave Culture.

Now has Maurice been capable of doubling the success with “Gimme That Bounce”? Released via Insomniac Records, there was a lot of hype surrounding this sophomore release from the Dutch hotshot, who took his time to wisely ride this publicity and maximize the marketing.

I’ve seen ecstatic comments about this follow-up record and must admit that the bassline slaps. There are familiar and inherited traits from “Drugs From Amsterdam”, especially how the vocal has been used, the pre-drop section, and the Tech House design, but Maurice dared to take steps out of the proverbial box. Aggressive growls switch in, and the lead is filthy and ready to chomp over the bouncy low-end. I found the first drop delightfully deep and resonant, considering the sizeable climax brought in by the pre-drop.

Overall, the experience is enthralling, which is usually a hit or miss in the case of Tech House! Perhaps, it could have a bouncier groove…

There’s an expectation of the usual treatment that occurs when producers achieve this breakthrough success: “Gimme That Bounce” will clearly prevail among the crowds, as it is a very enjoyable track that shares the bold idea of its predecessor, but not that well. Maurice has evolved his style in an intelligent transformation, and there’s much potential (and hype) with him.

You can listen to “Gimme That Bounce” here:

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