Karasso – Focus & Concentration

Karasso - Focus & Concentration

79%Overall Score

• Steel drums on the drop part
• Classic mysterious buildup in Techno style
• Excellent fusion of different styles

A familiar name for us at EDM Reviewer, Karasso has several great releases on Smash The House label, yet this time the Israeli act has something very interesting for us!

“Focus & Concentration” is showing a new facet of Karasso, who evidently experimented with the most recent trend, Festival Techno. Obviously, this was his take in the form of a frenetic set of drums in the drop, reminiscent of an era where the ‘Tribal Room’ sound was trending. I preferred the unexpected freshness from this consequence, both usual and innovative at the same time as the bassline synergized agreeably with other aspects of the track.

There is also an unpredictable development contained in the breakdown where Karasso attached a softer, more melodic sequence. As a person who gets bored by prolonged buildups in Techno productions, acquainting a more cadent and euphoric sound was a blessing. Then, the drop shatters this equilibrium with an even more aggressive outfit of drums.

“Focus & Concentration” has a praiseworthy concept with its simplicity. The approach is direct and works lethally well, as I found myself replaying it several times after the first encounter. Definitely hoping to hear more creative ideas like this!

You can listen to “Focus & Concentration” here:

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