Maulik, .anverse, Jack Euro, DaniOnceX, Felegs & Launchtik – Crystal Cave

Maulik, .anverse, Jack Euro, DaniOnceX, Felegs & Launchtik - Crystal Cave

80%Overall Score

• Lots of different elements together
• 8-bit surprise in the finale
• Difficult to grasp at first, but impressive result

When it comes to special collaborations, we’ve seen some incredible ones in the past, like “Pantheon” and “We Rise Together”. But “Crystal Cave” is something peculiar – it flew under our radar for a few weeks before being submitted, and boy, am I glad it was! This track has a creative outcome and a sweet, delicate vibe that I absolutely adore, despite the big weakness that comes with having so many contrasting minds behind the scenes.

Maulik, .anverse, Jack Euro, DaniOnceX, Felegs & Launchtik are the creators behind this masterpiece, each with their own vision for the Progressive House genre. You can hear their unique personalities come together in this joint effort, blending elements of “classic” Progressive with experimental takes in the drop and 8-bit details in the finale. The result is a multi-personality that is rarely found in releases like this.

However, the outcome is a bit chaotic, as we’ve seen with other tracks where multiple producers try to show off their participation by adding too many elements that feel a bit forced. The breakdown in particular left me feeling confused by the sheer number of changes and elements thrown together. But then the drop delivers a dreamy melody that I deeply enjoyed, showcasing elegance and personality in the first segment before including some 8-bit details that sounded a bit strange but ultimately made everything unique.

Overall, “Crystal Cave” is a little gem that showcases what can happen when many different creators join forces for a unique experience. It’s refreshing to hear something outside of the box in a genre that’s becoming more and more predictable. That being said, the lack of direction may make it difficult for casual listeners to focus on. Let’s continue to valorize creative and independent producers, and best of luck to these amazing artists!

You can listen to “Crystal Cave” here:

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