Mia Moretti Celebrates Soulful Sounds of Colombia With Debut Dance EP ‘TAMBOR’

Over the last decade, Mia Moretti has established herself in New York and Los Angeles as the industry go-to for everything from nightlife to runway shows, charity galas, after parties and award shows both as a DJ and music supervisor. And now with 2023 coming to a close, she has released her groundbreaking debut EP, ‘TAMBOR‘ which was inspired from a trip she took to Colombia.

Moretti’s ‘TAMBOR’ EP is a captivating collection of tracks inspired by the soulful sounds of Colombia. This EP is a heartfelt homage to the influential matriarchs of bullerengue, a genre deeply rooted in the culture of the Pacific coast of Equatorial. Featuring collaborations with legends like Totó La Momposina and Petrona Martínez, ‘TAMBOR’ breaks new ground by blending powerful stories with the essential rhythms of life.

The title track ‘TAMBOR’ combines Totó La Momposina’s iconic voice with Moretti’s dynamic arrangement, creating a dance anthem that echoes the soulful call of the drum. It’s a mood-setting journey into the rich cultural heritage of Colombia. While ‘ROSA’ is a modern take on a classic which bridges generations. Moretti transforms this century-old standard into a drum-driven, electronic dance ballad with contributions from Momposina’s granddaughters and collaborator Jorge Aguilar. And the last track ‘PIANO DE LA SELVA’ pays homage to “The Queen of Bullerengue,” Petrona Martinez. Moretti blends the call-and-response style of Bullerengue with classic house music, creating a hypnotic narrative that echoes the spiritual essence of the marimba.