SNAILS Hops into the Holidays with ‘FROGGO’

As we approach the holiday season, SNAILS gifts his fans with a sensational surprise – a final single before Christmas! This latest release, titled ‘FROGGO,’ promises a sonic adventure that encapsulates the high energy and signature whompy basslines that fans have come to love the artist for.

Having had an immense amount of fun in the creative process, SNAILS is bursting with excitement to share ‘FROGGO’ with his dedicated fanbase. The track holds a special place in his heart, being reminiscent of the vibes that made his previous hit, ‘FROGBASS,’ an instant classic. The track is over two and a half minutes long and will make you go what the frog was that drop. The track is an experimental hit by seamlessly blending high energy with SNAILS’ unmistakable froggy basslines and ribbets. With a tempo switch that harks back to the OG SNAILS house music era, reminiscent of collaborations with BOTNEK, ‘FROGGO’ promises a nostalgic journey for long-time fans while welcoming new listeners to the unique world of SNAILS.