Mikey Barreneche – Bussin

Mikey Barreneche - Bussin

83%Overall Score

• Spontaneous beat
• Exciting vocals
• Minimal yet groove-heavy

Some tracks get instantly set into your mind due to their vivid and quirky nature, and “Bussin” elegantly falls into that creative niche without hesitation. Mikey Barreneche might very well have a potential viral hit in his discography now, for this release packs quite the spice!

It’s a rarity to see such ingenuity in the Tech House genre these days, where such tracks usually pan out with drab schematics. Florida-based Mikey Barreneche differentiates in his sonic flair by incorporating his roots in Latin and RnB music, which is entertainingly discernible in his releases.

What exactly are the contents of this track? The star of this zestful performance is the tantalizing Latino vocals, which hypes and electrifies the mood with slick intonations. They command over the beat, which equips the bare essentials of the genre: a rolling, funky bassline and few percussions, and puts them in an uncanny groove. Only towards the end is a simpler synth lead summoned with a one note riff to accentuate. Together, the resultant tango of these instruments is effectively upbeat and not letting the minimality or simplicity be of any concern or holdback.

This STMPD release is a vibrant and bold, admirable pick. “Bussin” is an unpredictable and mischievous tech house record that is bound to sway listeners with its ingenuity!

You can listen to “Bussin” here:

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