KEAN DYSSO & ALan – Way To Hell

KEAN DYSSO & ALan - Way To Hell

74%Overall Score

• Slow, confident melodic pattern
• Lightweight structure with the backdrop vocals
• Bold minimalism

You got me! Well, that’s what happens when you mix Ghetto with the viral genre, Phonk. “Way To Hell” is dark, very dark, and it’s from KEAN DYSSO & ALan; both parties are specialized in this field.

I was caught off-guard by its peculiar melody especially considering there’s an ocean of similar-sounding Phonk releases. It’s slow, aware of its sheer brutality through the bassline alone. Now that’s a sign of confidence!

The vocal is left to work off-center, concealed behind a heavy low-end and bespoke pattern, turning hypnotic in the long run. It’s intricate to describe the melody and difficult to forget, bearing a vibrant energy with high stamina.

“Way To Hell” is minimal. A Phonk bass, a couple of effects in the background, a classic vocal loop, and a genial idea with the theme. That’s all it took for the trio to grab my attention, plus I must admit that this record slaps! So aggressive, so “Ghetto” and yet streamlined and lightweight!

You can listen to “Way To Hell” here:

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