Nicky Romero vs. Nico & Vinz – Forever

Nicky Romero vs. Nico & Vinz - Forever

82%Overall Score

• Energetic Deep House personality
• Touchy chorus, a bit exaggerated
• Solid vocals, solid percussions

There’s a feeling that Nicky Romero is wanting to replicate the success Alesso had nearly seven years ago; after the hugely successful “Am I Wrong” by the duo Nico & Vinz, they joined forces with the Swedish alias for “I Wanna Know”, which was another sensation. Although things have changed quite a bit…

The Norwegian pair remained under the radar for a few years, with the new releases underperforming compared to their breakthrough hit, while Nicky Romero’s recent discography wasn’t greatly appealing to us either. I was curious, however, to see what kind of tune “Forever” was going to be. Commercial? Tech House? Or another bland attempt at Progressive House?

The answer to that question, surprisingly, is none of the above. Here, we have a nice intermix of Deep House and Pop influences in the said production.

The vocal by Nico & Vinz, honestly, is remarkably good. Just like the whole world found “Am I Wrong” fascinating, there is the familiar special warm feeling that radiates from it. Nicky Romero did bloat the chorus with children’s voices, which in my opinion, is a peachy and forced addition. Despite that, the base is solid. The drop is particularly likable, which took me by surprise with a delectable lead and a rather lively set of percussions. The outcome is energetic and sounds smoothly elegant when the vocal kicks in again. There is even a slight Techno/Electro bass appearing at the end with a roaring finale, a risky choice that reminded me of Romero’s Dutch dance music roots.

The Protocol Recordings label head was at the receiving end of our criticisms several times for the rather generic tracks, but “Forever” is a compelling record. Don’t miss it.

You can listen to “Forever” here:

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