Now or 2010? Jeriko continues to infuse modern tunes with a nostalgic twist in “Now Or Never”

Now or 2010? Jeriko continues to infuse modern tunes with a nostalgic twist in "Now Or Never"

84%Overall Score

• Consistent theme
• Stellar vocals atop the instrumental
• Catchy melodies that linger

I’ve previously commended Jeriko’s work on the “Renaissancel” EP under Intensity Recordings, where he seamlessly melded modern Future Wave with the vibes of 2010. As I like to say, Jeriko delivered what I had hoped for from the return of SHM: a fusion of Future Rave and Progressive.

However, everyone is free to explore their creative paths, and while Axwell & Co. pursue their endeavors, I find solace in Jeriko’s bootlegs when nostalgia beckons. The quality is undeniable. This artist is so underrated.

But do you know where the quality shines even brighter? In “Now Or Never“.

Teaming up with vocalist Haarley, Jeriko’s latest creation blends the contemporary structures of Future Rave (especially evident in the opening and closing moments) with a softer touch of Progressive in the breakdown. The mood is serene, delicate, before gradually building tension towards a euphoric melodic centerpiece. Jeriko consistently injects his drops with explosive energy, a trait that sets him apart from other, dare I say, “less engaging” artists. I’ve voiced my dissatisfaction with the lackluster nature of modern Prog drops on numerous occasions, and “Now Or Never” exemplifies exactly what I’ve been yearning for. Yes, coupling it with a fierce Future Rave finale inherently adds more aggression, but take a moment to compare the drop at 1:48 with works by Nicky Romero. The disparity is palpable.

Regardless of its energy level, the track is undeniably electrifying. I adore the equilibrium between the old and the new, the tranquil and the intense, the melodious and the minimalist. That’s exemplary sound design.

Jeriko stated with “Now Or Never” that “we’ve managed to infuse nostalgic energy into the modern era in a format suitable for both clubs and radio.” I wholeheartedly concur. There’s ample room for this kind of fusion in the contemporary EDM landscape, and I eagerly anticipate hearing more, particularly in collaboration with other genres like Tech House or Electro.

You can listen to “Now or Never” here: