Watch Out for the “Carcass Pit”! Blankface, EVILNET, and Decimate Deliver a Roaring Anthem for Dubstep Enthusiasts

Watch Out for the "Carcass Pit"! Blankface, EVILNET, and Decimate Deliver a Roaring Anthem for Dubstep Enthusiasts

77%Overall Score

• A relentless, high-energy experience
• Thunderous basslines and razor-sharp synths
• Seamlessly cohesive track

With a title like “Carcass Pit,” one can already anticipate that the track will pack quite a punch.

This weighty Dubstep offering hails from Disciple Round Table and, more specifically, from an EP just unveiled by Blankface. “Visions Of The Night” combines the signature style of the Orange County creator with intriguing experiments in Dubstep, Trap, and Riddim, boasting a diverse array of sounds.

Today, let’s hone in on the highlight of the EP: “Carcass Pit,” a triple collaboration among Blankface, EVILNET, and Decimate.

What immediately grabs attention here is the sheer energy of the drop—a brutal concoction of stamina and growling vibes. The trio orchestrates a climactic moment with a brief pre-drop lead, followed by an hypnotic sequence that grips the ears. The rhythm strikes a delicate balance between linear structure and the freedom to evolve the melody from sequence to sequence.

After a dreamy buildup, the drop returns with even heavier percussion and heightened explosive energy!

Overall, what I appreciate most about this track is its fearless embrace of the darker, grittier elements of dubstep. “Carcass Pit” doesn’t hold back; it dives headfirst into a sonic realm where raw intensity reigns supreme. The production quality is top-notch, with each element meticulously crafted to maximize impact. From the thunderous basslines to the razor-sharp synths, every sound feels purposeful and meticulously placed.

You can listen to “Carcass Pit” here: