Okeechobee Festival Announces Hiatus in 2024 as ‘Fallow Year’

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is taking 2024 off. The Okeechobee Community Service Director, Deniese Whitehead, have confirmed that 2024 will be a ‘fallow year’ with the intent to return to its original roots. Spanning over 4 days, the annual festival has been postponed to accommodate “changes in staff, promo and economic reasonings”, as per Okeechobee Mayor Dowling Watford.

The festival has a known history of taking hiatuses and restarts. It traces back to its initial debut being pushed back to 2016 from 2015. Consecutive editions in 2017 and 2018 were witnessed followed by a break till 2020. Returning in March 2020 just in time prior to the COVID shutdown, it returned again in 2022. The conclusion of this year’s edition saw another break.

We are working hard to keep OMF close to its original roots in a big way and reignite the sparks. Those formative years were special to all of us. Hang tight and remember to always. Be, Here, Now.

Rechulski, founder of Soundslinger that started the festival in 2016

The intent, as per the organizers, to bring the festival back strong and better. It also includes replicating the early editions as a multi-genre lineup. The recent editions have taken a EDM inclination and partnered with Insomniac Events in 2020. It is held in the Sunshine Grove property which sprawls across 800 acres.

More updates regarding the next return could be traced here.