Anyma Remix Lana Del Rey’s ‘Say Yes To Heaven’

Lana Del Rey and Dance music pair so well together. We love it even more when Anyma joins the party. Lana’s vocals are the perfect fit for Anyma’s energy. His remix of ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ will take you on an ethereal journey. I hope these two come together again.

It kicks off with Lana’s luscious and signature voice. As tension begins to rise we are brought into the pumping drop. Anyma wonderfully chops Lana’s voice around a thumping beat. The 2nd drop might be even better than the 1st. The 2nd build creates intense energy and with a solely just synth section, we can only begin to imagine what this would feel like live. The visuals too, would probably be amazing.

Anyma has changed dance music and inspired a genre full of possibilities. His larger duo group Tale of Us and their label Afterlife are grasping a hold on the industry. Zamna Festival is also doing quite well for itself. Their parties are some of the most sought-after tickets. With their main show being in Tulum, they have also expanded to Miami, Ibiza, and New York.

Make sure to check out Anyma’s remix of ‘Say Yes To Heaven’.