Party till dawn! Eliminate and Flux Pavilion engineer a feelgood bop

Party till dawn! Eliminate and Flux Pavilion engineer a feelgood bop

86%Overall Score

• Melodic and upbeat
• Exceptional vocals
• Alternating drops

To describe the latest creation from Eliminate and Flux Pavilion would require more than a few words: “Dawn” is an infectious record, stacked with ear candies sure to compel the listener to come back for more; made possible by an amazing trio of creators involved: Eliminate, Flux Pavilion, and meesh.

Getting into the Dubstep/Riddim scene somewhat one is bound to come across these producers: Eliminate carries a widespread reputation through his music production-focused YouTube channel, engaging with the music community through highly entertaining and educational content. Also exceptional and diverse at his craft, he has several releases through labels such as Insomniac Records and Disciple.

Scoring another milestone, the American producer finalized a collaboration with Flux Pavilion: the British alias has established himself as an iconic figure in the electronic scene— from handling multiple creative roles such as singer-songwriter and label owner— to getting official approval in remixing Skrillex and Star Wars theme back in 2017.

“Dawn” is the culmination of what happens when severely skillful artists funnel their expertise into a project: the breakdown onsets with a delicate mix of airy pads and vocal chops; It is best to mention the breathtaking performance from meesh here, as the upcoming vocalist uplifts the instrumental with her buoyant and hypnotic presence.

As the chorus plays over the ringing synths, the riser gets in with hollering vocal shouts and electric guitars— sliding into the melodic DnB style drop with an offbeat bassline and a melodic dirty saw; a peppy and brisk yet simplistic design. Seconds after, the shorter breakdown brings back the pop-rock sound, giving away to an extended riser transition for maximum impact; this time, the climactic drop is a Hardbounce twist with a sequence of ‘donk’ style bass.

Short and gushing with positivity, “Dawn” is an effortless dopamine booster with its ethereal vocals, bright harmonics, and vibrant genre-fusing arrangements!

You can listen to “Dawn” here: