Simon Patterson’s New Dawn: Embracing Sobriety and a Renewed Focus on Music

Simon Patterson, a name synonymous with electrifying DJ sets and groundbreaking music, recently took to Instagram to share a profoundly personal journey. Patterson revealed his struggles with self-belief and confidence that led him down a path of addiction, a story all too common in the high-pressure world of music. His heartfelt post began with a message of gratitude towards One Step, the rehab facility in Thailand that he credits with saving his life. In his words, Patterson found himself in a “very dark place,” losing hope and running out of options before his time at One Step.

The Pursuit of Perfection and Its Toll

For two decades, Patterson battled inner demons, seeking false confidence through various vices to perform at his peak. His relentless pursuit of perfection and the immense pressure of touring led to a vicious cycle of self-doubt and substance abuse. However, Patterson’s time in rehab offered him a new perspective: the realization that he only needed to prove himself to himself. This epiphany, paired with his therapeutic engagement in music production, marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

A New Approach to Music and Life

Looking ahead, Simon Patterson has decided to drastically reduce his touring schedule. He announced a more selective approach, focusing on limited shows, starting with Subculture Bangkok in early March. But it’s not just his touring that’s changing. Patterson is now dedicated to using his journey to help others in the industry who may be facing similar battles. He also expressed remorse for any past actions influenced by his addiction, showing a newfound humility and responsibility. In conclusion, as Patterson steps into this new beginning, he leaves us with a powerful message: the future is about letting the music tell the story, not the struggles behind it.

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