Party With Eflorem: The Magnetic Dance Music Duo Shares “With You”

Masterful EDM couple Eflorem is on the move with a brand-new ecstatic hit “With You”. The duet of Heather Worden and Edward McManus promises a hot summer, “With You” being the first of many fresh singles they have lined up. The song explores enchanting hyper-house and dubstep arrangements, giving the listeners a vibrant, chaotic blast to enjoy as they celebrate their loved ones just like the two artists. 

Eflorem started by creating old-school dubstep but have continued to experiment with different sounds throughout the years. They frequently combine elements from several subgenres such as dubstep, hyper pop, psytrance, and drum & bass to create a distinct and wild vibe in their music, giving the fans something unique and authentic to look forward to. 

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