Bassjackers x L3N – Fall

Bassjackers x L3N - Fall

62%Overall Score

• Gorgeous kick, old-school stamina!
• Melody that loses steam in the long run
• Interesting and captivating vocal choice

We had left the German L3N a few months back with our appreciative feedback towards “Bad Producer”, and not so gentle one for Bassjackers‘ NFT anthem “Bored Ape Rave Club” just a couple of weeks ago! Those are familiar names since their Big Room signatures have often impressed us and the audience, who voted for “Fall” for today’s review on an Instagram poll.

After the positive received team-up “Ready”, released in 2017, and then taking over the numero uno position at Beatport Charts, we were quite excited about its follow-up. The lucky recipient to publish this is Rave Culture here, which clearly has become the notable proponent of the said genre. Yet, the outcome isn’t completely convincing of its bestowed hype.

From one aspect, the thumping kickdrum of “Fall” is a beast, capable of running the climactic show all by itself. So massive and throbbing is the energy, it somehow reminded me of Tony Junior’s minimal Big Room style (“PAWG” or “Michael Jordan”), including a traditional pre-drop vocal shot. Also, the breakdown keeps things exciting with an initial sequence introducing a melodic sequence that elegantly transitions into an energetic build-up. The stamina level is up the roof here, especially when the vocalist is basically shouting in the mic right before the drop.

One other detail that I admired is the presence of a couple of seconds of silence before the bassline hits the pedal, presenting the squeaky lead in a funny way.

However, the culprit is the repetitiveness of the melody. “Fall” is a song that I can listen to one time, maybe another, and then entirely skip over the next time due to its predictable patterns. It’s a pity since there are interesting prospects on this project from Bassjackers and L3N, yet falling somewhat short on the captivating sound that its predecessor offered.

You can listen to “Fall” here:

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