Weekly Roundup XXXV (featuring Kx5, Magnificence, Blasterjaxx, and more!)

Here’s a fun fact for y’all out there: the first Weekly Roundup came out on the 3rd of June, 2021. And this edition covers releases from the same date a year later, which fell a day later on a Friday. Anyways, boatloads of music to cover from the likes of Kx5, Magnificence, Blasterjaxx, and more!

Avicii, Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Don Diablo Remix)

Twelve years after the original collaboration came out, My Feelings For You” still stands out as one among multitudes of gems produced by the late musical mastermind Avicii. Paying his homage to it, Don Diablo adeptly modernized the song with his future house signature while maintaining the funky filter house sound from the earlier version. The wobbling lead synths gently add to its swanky attitude, carrying the spirit of said hit record quite beautifully.

Bexxie – The Time

An infectious groove resides in the latest offering via Anjunadeep from the talented and uprising producer Bexxie, who clearly inspired by various resonating sub-genres of house music, coalesced them in an idiosyncratic fashion. The resulting sound can be heard on “The Time”, a production featuring radiating lead vocals and hints of tech, deep and progressive sprinkled all over in a robust package.

Roaring bassline, syncopated percussions, and shimmering piano riffs waltz charmingly together, while a touch of hypnotic timbre remains throughout with arpeggiating synths and vocal harmonies showing off meticulous detailing. Even if favoring a sound of a bygone era in house music, it is every bit ready to work its magic on the modern dance floors!

Kx5, Hayla – Escape (John Summit Remix)

Infusing his tech house sound in a broader sense, John Summit has been nailing it with his remixes and originals lately. His remix for Kx5’s (Kaskade and DeadMau5) debut single “Escape” (featuring vocalist Hayla) gets straight to business with a swaying bassline and four-by-four kickdrums, continuing throughout with a bright arp-synth to fulfill a more progressive approach.

Simple but classily minimal for the satisfying remix duty, certainly!

Mike Williams, Magnificence – Here For You

A creative joint effort has ensued between the future bounce pioneer and electro house heavyweight Magnificence, the outcome being “Here For You”. With a barrage of booming toms serving as the foundation, spry synths strike between the hits of the mentioned percussions. Although a tad linear in its schematics and a slightly forgettable vocal loop, the collaboration shines on the merit of its amalgamation done creatively between two genres.

Blasterjaxx, Maddix – Purpose

Dipping into the Techno nether-realm, Big Room stalwarts Blasterjaxx teamed up with the rave tribe shaman Maddix. Hulking kick-drums, synthesized hi-hats, and festival aesthetics attributable both to the Maxximize label-heads and Maddix are available in plenty here. Add to this frenetic mixture is an uplifting female vocal that guides you toward the warehouse rumbling drop sequence. The breakdown, on the other hand, remains rather a simpler transition towards the climax with a rising arp riff.

Purpose” is a fresh break away from the routine for the big room pair and another striking club weapon for their imprint.

DJ WZRD – Break It Down

In the landscape of modern electronic music, fresh talents are extremely important as they often act as the only source of experimental efforts, and “Break It Down” from up and coming LA native DJ WZRD is nothing short of an adept and fun-oozing production. Primarily a deck spinner, the American alias has sought to apply a similar methodology for making music: blend various styles, but not overdoing so in the attempt.

Bringing about various styles recognizable to artists ranging from Purple Disco Machine and Blasterjaxx (that range!), the instrumental introduces itself with a tech-house rhythm, changing to a disco beat midway in the breakdown and finally introducing even more twists, as of all of these weren’t enough, the drop starts off with a big room-ish riff reminiscent of Dirty Dutch genre. A brilliant combination like this deserves more commendation for its ingenuity!


Lukasoprom – Blossom

We were craving for some oldschool Trap vibes, and luckily Lukasoprom is back with another satisfying release on Tribal Trap! “Blossom” features an exotic buildup sequence with two very different drops: first, an intricate sequence with distorted and high-pitched leads, and then the final one, showing off its steel drums. The elements are familiar, yet I felt that the outcome pushes their boundaries with sudden changes of schema and smaller, intriguing details. Overall, “Blossom” is a little gem, another one in a fantastic year for the Trap producer.