Poylow, Harry Taylor, MAD SNAX & India Dupriez – Drop in the Ocean

Poylow, Harry Taylor, MAD SNAX & India Dupriez - Drop in the Ocean

77%Overall Score

• Unique blend of Midtempo and Slap House
• Elegant vocal and pizzicato lead
• A refreshing take on the Slap House genre

The duo MAD SNAX has been making waves in the electronic music scene in recent years with their signature bouncy Psytrance style, similar to that of Gabry Ponte and LUM!X. I had the opportunity to discover their collaboration on Maxximize Recordings, “Wind Me Up” which showcased their distinctive bassline. I am excited to welcome them back to the blog with “Drop in the Ocean,” their debut on NCS.

The collaboration features three notable artists: India Dupriez on vocals, known for her distinctive high-pitched tone, and Poylow in the breakdown. The French producer is a regular presence on NCS with his unique style, as seen in his previous works such as the rap ballad “Hate You” with BAUWZ and the Brazilian Bass “Drunk & Sober” featuring 5lowers. There is also Harry Taylor, who has recently worked with Poylow in “Destiny“.

“Drop in the Ocean” breaks away from the creators’ previous works, beginning with a slow section, a simple buildup, and India Dupriez singing with emotion. The drop hits hard with a slow bassline and a massive lead, but quickly stops to make way for a pizzicato lead, a signature sound of Poylow. The bouncy basslines of MAD SNAX are still present, but the overall result has a midtempo twist that makes this Slap House track particularly refreshing and elegant.

In conclusion, “Drop in the Ocean” is a successful blend of Midtempo and Slap House, featuring a great vocal and a pizzicato lead that works together seamlessly. It is a drop of quality in an ocean of generic Slap House.

You can listen to “Drop in the Ocean” here:

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