Pulverizing clichés with “Into Dust”. AN21 drops an EP: let’s see this collab with Ali Bakgor in details

Pulverizing clichés with “Into Dust”. AN21 drops an EP: let’s see this collab with Ali Bakgor in details

79%Overall Score

• Massive drop with both styles
• Breakdown capable of building the right cinematic tensions
• Oldschool sound still present

In the current landscape dominated by Melodic Techno, AN21, under the banner of SIZE, manages to infuse this trend with the distinctive style that the label is celebrated for. “Into Dust” stands out within the “21:21” EP as a compelling fusion of Melodic Techno and the classic tones of Progressive House.

Collaborating with Ali Bakgor, recognized for his signature blend of slow yet energetic Progressive style with deep and wobbling Deep House influences, AN21 crafts a track that resonates with both artists’ individualities. There’s a reminiscent note of Ali’s past work, such as “With You,” intertwined with AN21’s darker twist on basslines and leads, presenting a nostalgic yet contemporary sound, characteristic of SIZE’s releases.

The brilliance of “Into Dust” is particularly evident in its breakdown. The harmonious vocal interplays with a lead and a few chords, creating a spellbinding experience filled with mystery and tension. This deliberate construction sets the stage for the ensuing Techno drop. The drop is a masterpiece of energy and aggression in its bassline, tactfully avoiding an overly rushed melodic pattern. The result is a massive and creative sonic experience, with nuanced touches in the fillers that add an extra layer of astonishment.

“21:21” as a whole emerges as a robust addition to AN21’s discography. The EP showcases a musical evolution, and the ability to seamlessly blend genres speaks to AN21’s experience and creative prowess. In a landscape where genre-blending is an art, AN21 and Ali Bakgor exhibit their mastery, delivering a piece that not only pulverizes clichés but also invites the audience into a rich and dynamic sonic landscape.

You can listen to “Into Dust” here: