Purified Records Unveils ‘Purified Remixes I’ Compilation

A four-record compilation comes to Nora En Pure‘s imprint, with edits of iconic tracks.

Welcome to the week! We hope you have a great stay. Be sure to pair your daily routines with some new and refreshing music. Today, we bring you Purified‘s latest: Purified Remixes I, a compilation brought to you courtesy of Nora En Pure’s record label.

After a busy first half of the year for the Melodic Techno / House imprint, the first Purified Remixes album presents a rather interesting concept. Purified presents a selection of recent sonic gems, remixed by the best artists out there. Enamour, OC & Verde, Adam Sellouk, and UNDERMOON are all on remixing duties this time. Check the full tracklist below.

Nora En Pure.

Various Artists – Purified Remixes I Tracklist

  1. Rezident – Hunter (Enamour Remix)
  2. Weltmusik & Asomnia feat. Sarah Camille – Heights (OC & Verde Remix)
  3. Volaris – Aqua (Adam Sellouk Remix)
  4. Indifferent Guy, ODYSSAY – Answers in the Dark (UNDERMOON Remix)

Unsure of what to expect? Read on, for we’ve provided a brief summary.

Rezident – Hunter (Enamour Remix)

Enamour never disappoints. And that statement holds true for this release, too. Full of groove, incorporating elements such as claves, club claps, arpeggios, and a core Techno bassline, his remix of Rezident’s ‘Hunter’ takes the original into a dark club-like feeling. You can even feel the laser beams lighting the room.

Weltmusik & Asomnia feat. Sarah Camille – Heights (OC & Verde Remix)

Manchester-based duo OC & Verde aced their spin on ‘Heights’, by Weltmusik & Asomnia, featuring the vocals of Sarah Camille. A strong arpeggiated bassline is present throughout the entire track, while melodic and not-so-melodic elements come and go. It’s a rough, club-oriented track, that is sure to light up any dancefloor.

Volaris – Aqua (Adam Sellouk Remix)

A true Melodic Techno masterpiece, Volaris’ ‘ Aqua’ meets the sounds of Adam Sellouk. Based upon the gated vocal beds of the original tune, Sellouk’s take builds a festival-ready rendition open to atmospheres, chords, melodies, and an overall tone that could suit an afternoon set as much as a Hernan Cattaneo at Forja one.

Indifferent Guy, ODYSSAY – Answers in the Dark (UNDERMOON Remix)

Dark and groovy from the get-go, UNDERMOON’s remix of ‘Answers in the Dark’ by Indifferent Guy and ODYSSAY wastes no time in showing its true colours. This composition has a very pleasant Depeche-Mode-meets-Techno vibe to it. Minimalistic, the remix carries just enough elements to make each one stand out. Far pads, lots of noise, and an overall lack of definition from percussive elements, truly make you feel in the dark.

Be sure to check out Purified Remixes I on the platform of your choice by clicking here.