R3HAB Offers New Release “Am I The Only One”

In his latest single “Am I The Only One,” R3HAB teams up with European singers Astrid S and HRVY for a dance-pop delivery. In it, R3HAB steps back, opting for a more minimal production sound to allow the vocal talents of Astrid S and HRVY to shine. The collaboration results in an earnest look at a relationship from the perspective of the two individuals, topped with organic sounds that’ll remain in listeners’ minds.

R3HAB offered his comments about working on the song and coming together with Astrid S and HRVY to make it possible. “Astrid S and I have wanted to release a track together since I remixed her ‘Favorite Part Of Me’ single back in 2019,” the producer explained. “‘Am I The Only One’ is that song, and we’re both happy that HRVY was also excited to jump in. HRVY and I also worked together this year on ‘Be Okay,’ released on my label CYB3RPVNK. Both artists are the future of pop music, and I always love to work with talented people like that.”

With over a decade of experience under his belt, the Dutch-Moroccan producer and DJ continues to progress his sound as he experiments across genres through his collaborations.

Check out the song below or stream it on different platforms.