R3HAB x Mike Williams – Sing Your Lullaby

R3HAB x Mike Williams - Sing Your Lullaby

45%Overall Score

• Generic, forced Melodic Techno structure
• Same vocals from the prior track
• Mediocre Chill Mix branded as a follow-up

It’s quite not so long ago when I remember grading a ninety to “Lullaby“, nearly five years ago when R3HAB and Mike Williams created a magical single in their very first partnership. The Future Bounce pioneer outdid himself back then with a marvelous Future Bounce drop that exhibited both their signatures, and also a nostalgic, soothing tone that justified the title. Of course, I wasn’t the only one waxing lyrical about the idea, as the synergy got over 200+ million streams and received 8 platinum and 4 gold records.

Yet, here we are.

“Sing Your Lullaby” is a sort of chill mix of the aforementioned success, although rebranded in a way that makes me particularly cringe, perhaps because it’s only meant to please the algorithms.

I will admit that minimalist Melodic Techno doesn’t work for me, and I felt terribly displeased by hearing the sweet voice over a bland, forgettable construct that is too scanty to show any particular element. The breakdown is placid and doesn’t fit the bill for a “Lullaby” theme, but the aftermath is rather drab and doesn’t show anything from either of its producers.

Even though it can still manage to be a great closing track for a live performance because of its calmer vibe, I would theoretically still give it a sixty out of a hundred. It’s hard to reason as to why the duo didn’t label it as “Chill Mix” or “Sunset Mix” (or whatever suits). It can barely hold itself in the category as the only similarity here are the vocals, but I would have had different expectations.

However, the branding is monotone and it comes off as a forced meet-up between two familiar names, slapping the memorable vocal and hoping it would probably work out. Once again, the algorithm has won, making it challenging to give more than half the rating of its glorious predecessor.

You can listen to “Sing Your Lullaby” here:

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