Rebellious Groove! Martin Garrix and Mesto pair up for the third time with “Breakaway”

• Melodic and energetic
• Brisk electro
• Vocal feature from the second break

It seems 2024 will have some repeating patterns, as the mainstage luminary Martin Garrix seems to be in the middle of unfolding another album like “Sentio”. The sophomore single “Breakaway” from this yet-to-be-named compilation is a collaborative effort with long-time colleague Mesto, also involving WILHEM as the songwriter and vocalist.

Only two weeks before the STMPD label head dropped a massively expected ID— one with the British duo Third Party called “Carry You” (featuring Declan J Donovan)— and the song came much to the satisfaction of core festival progressive house fans. Fellow native moniker Mesto has been a choice collaborator, as the future bounce pioneer first teamed up in “Bouncybob” way back in 2015 as a feature with Justin Mylo, and has frequently teamed up since then.

Of course, changed times demand evolution in sounds: “Limitless” was an indicator of that, adopting the bass/electro house hybrid instead that STMPD has become renowned for. “Breakaway” doesn’t deviate as much, yet there are pleasant surprises that vouch for the talented minds at work.

First of all, familiar synths open up gradually in the breakdown as sweeping strings further bring an emotional depth. A quick snare riser later thrusts us into the drops— here, the sound design is the name of the game. One can pick out Mesto’s gritty and detuned, flute-like lead synths with Garrix’s overall touch, like the riff and rhythm. It rushes through, lively and brisk as expected from the creators.

After this chaotic showdown, the breakdown cuts the tension with a sense of calm, bringing an acoustic guitar riff and vocals; a wise choice as it humanizes the instrumental for listeners to remember the hook, although we couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps this element is rather underutilized with its late introduction. We get an encore of the drop, on the fast track for the completion of the song with not many alterations.

“Breakaway” aces when it comes to technical prowess, especially considering the level of expertise involved, and continues the tradition of experimenting as done by the preceding collaborations. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait two more years for their next one!

You can listen to “Breakaway” here: